Bullying is an act often shrouded in secrecy. The bully uses shame to keep their victims quiet. But our kids DO tell us when they are being bullied – if we know what to look for:

Changes in behavior are some of the first signs of bullying. The sudden onset of some of the behaviors below can indicate that your child is experiencing acts of bullying:

  • School refusal or a sudden lack of interest  in school
  • Changes in the route your child takes to get to school, or to navigate the campus
  • A sudden and/or significant drop in grades
  • Unusual isolation
  • Appears sad or scared after school or after phone calls, texts or time on the computer
  • Complains of unexplained physical ailments, bruises, headaches, or changes in sleep patterns

All of these can be warning signs of potential bullying.

A few other signs include:

  • Taking their parents money (to pay the bully)
  • Coming home hungry for unexplained reasons
  • Acting very out of character

If your child is displaying these subtle signs that something is wrong, take the time to connect with your child and figure out what has happened. I know we get busy in our lives, and these signs are subtle – however, missing these signs can lead to a tailspin. One which often has very significant impact to the child!

I will talk more about the tailspin in future posts.Until then, stay safe and learn to recognize the subtle changes in behavior our kids demonstrate as a way to call for help.


6 thoughts on “How To Tell When Your Child Is Being Bullied

  1. It’s so hard to get kids to come forward about this. It’s also hard for moms to not go all “Hand that Rocks the Cradle” bully scene on the offending kids. It’s funny, we all talk about what to do if OUR kids are bullied, but I’ve always wondered, how do the parents whose kids ARE the bullies feel?

    1. Horrible I imagine – As I said in another reply, I really think we need to examine how we socialize children today, making certain we are teaching the social skills needed to NOT jump into the pool of bullying

  2. Bully in such a taboo subject at times. It’s a tough one because I swear it gets worse as the generations go on……so many young people taking their own lives due to bullies…..surely something should’ve been dealt with by now. Harder punishment for the bullies. A truly heart wrenching subject 😦

    1. Yes…and I think the answer is more complicated than that. I firmly believe we need to look at how we socialize kids today – the messages we condone through media that children get. Many kids aren’t born understanding when teasing crosses the line – we need to help them with this BEFORE we label them as a bully. Just my two cents

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