It’s that time again – time for a break and a little renewal. As I get ready to jump into two new projects, I think it is the perfect time to stay offline a bit and just reflect and renew. I am even taking a break on my other blog too! **shocking, right!**

This is an exciting week for me. First, I won a very special award from the Surrey International Writer’s Conference – the Special Achievement award which acknowledges my achievements in both nonfiction and fiction this past year. I was humbled and honored!

Second, I am preparing for an EXCITING event sponsored by the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, the [U] Factor event. It’s a youth event that focuses on talent development. I am so thrilled to be part of it this upcoming weekend, I just am beside myself!

So, with that weighing on my mind, as well as the NaNoWriMo prep – it is time to practice what I preach and talk a break. I will see you all when I return in November. Until then, take a little time for yourselves and remember to renew often!


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