Wow! I sort of abandoned this blog, didn’t I. You know, that was my biggest fear when this was no longer a group blog – that I would abandon it in some way and disappoint…someone. But, as I took my time off and thought (a lot) about the direction of the blog, my writing, and my life, I realized that I don’t need to abandon the blog or anything. I just need to chill out a bit and establish a more appropriate schedule.

So, starting with this week, I am going to try a M/W/F blogging schedule on this blog, with a full week off every month (starting in Dec). I will still talk about giftedness, parenting, and authenticity – just not as often. And if I need to pull back to two days, that is what I will do.

For now, I think this plan will work. I guess time will tell!

I will also be sprucing up the place a bit – adding more about my books, resources for people, links to articles, etc. I want this to be a worthwhile blog for all of you!

Thanks for sticking with me this long. I appreciate it more than I can say!


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