One of the biggest hazards of my “intense” life is taking on too many things and getting myself all out of balance. See, I can handle a lot of things on my plate at once – in my day job, in my creative life, online, and in my personal relationships. But, like many other intense people, I often “think” I can take on more than I actually can. And this results in burn-out…

One of my dearest friends asked to see me next week, when I am out on break. Man, I wanted to say “yes, let’s connect.” But the truth is, I am not certain I can…or rather, that I want to. NOT because of my friend, but because I need to hide and regroup. Spend time in meditation, find my balance.

I’ve been thinking about this balance thing a lot lately. I mean, I just took off some blogging time, cut myself some slack on my writing projects, took time to breathe. And still, I can feel how out of balance I am. It is frustrating, really. More than frustrating.

In my search for balance and what that needs to mean for me long-term, I have discovered a few important things:

  1. I need to meditate daily. No really….DAILY. Even if it is a quick 15 min Chopra thing, I need it. Kind of like how I need air.
  2. I NEED to write everyday. Journal pages, fiction, something… Note: Psych reports, behavior progress notes and blog posts DON’T count!
  3. I need to spend time with my children every day. Quality time laughing, hearing about their day, talking about their plans
  4. I NEED time with my husband every day – decompressing and just connecting
  5. I need time for art that is NOT writing weekly. This feeds my soul in a way that is different from writing. With my other art – cross stitching, gardening, cooking, digital art – it isn’t about making something others can see, read, participate in. It’s a more selfish endeavor, just for me. Because I want to.
  6. I need a clean house. I just need it.
  7. I need time to read.
  8. I need time to connect online with my online friends.
  9. I need weekly coffee with BFF.

These are needs. Not wants, not “it would be nice if they happened.” But needs. Like air. Like food. Like sleep.

Needs. (And yes, exercise is not on there. When I feel in balance, I crave the exercise – the rest of the time, I just want these things…)

What are your needs? Have you every thought about it? Does getting what you need help you stay in balance? It does for me.


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