Happy December everyone. As you can tell, I took a much needed break last week. And it was a REAL break – no blogging, no writing, no promoting, no hanging out online. Just real world experiences. It was wonderful.

Now, as I ease back into my new three-day-blogging schedule, I wanted to focus on a theme for this month. Authenticity and joy seemed appropriate. I will be posting Joy quotes throughout the month and blogging about authentic living.

I have a great book I like to use when I am working on authenticity – Simple Abundance. This is a daybook filled with ideas for authentic living. The December chapter is one of my favorites! The focus – joyful simplicities to make the month even more special.

One of the ideas is to REALLY deck the halls! You know, decorate the whole house. Go crazy. Make it fun, festive and filled with cheer. This is something we do every year. In fact, this is something I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember.

Christmas was my mom’s favorite holiday. Every year we made special decorations for the tree, the house, the yard. No room was spared. The entire house looked like a Christmas wonderland from the weekend after Thanksgiving through the first week of January.

I’ve continued this tradition with my own family, and this year, my kids really helped decorate high and low throughout my home. It was amazing coming home today and seeing every special scene throughout my home.

I challenge you to decorate for your December holiday. And if you do not celebrate anything this season, decorate in a way to celebrate the season. It’ll will make you feel special every day!

Happy Holidays


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