Well, it looks as though I’ve neglected this blog again. I fear that this is something that is going to happen more often than not, and I am not sure what I feel about that. Sure, I could just abandon the blog all together – but I don’t want to do that. In truth, I enjoy sharing certain things – different things – on this blog then I do with my other site.

But, if I am being 100% honest, I just don’t feel like I have found the personality of this site yet.

Oh sure, I know what I want this blog to really be about – but I haven’t seemed to find a way to zero in on that just yet. At least, not like I want to. So, for now, I think I will continue to blog, all be it sparingly, about things related to living authentically, giftedness and other life issues that are interesting to me. At least until I figure out what I REALLY want to do…

What do you guys think? What do you want to see more of?



5 thoughts on “Finding My Way…

  1. Christine, first, I LOVE the new look of your blog! It is so clean and fresh. I know just what you mean about finding the right blog personality. I’m in that place, too, and I think that soon–in January at the very least and maybe starting before–I’m going to do a DIY NaBloPoMo run just to see what kinds of posts “stick” and feel right. I tend to overthink whether posts will be meaningful/stupid/redundant/etc. to the point of not writing at all.

  2. Just write about what ever you feel like writing about! Whatever you feel like sharing. I’m doing NaBloPoMo this month on blogher.com, on the heels of my NaNoWriMo fail, just to get back into the feel of writing every day. Not that you have to post every day here, I’m just doing that, because I think part of my NaNo failure was that I hadn’t built up my “writing muscles” before that marathon. Once I get use to writing every day, I’m planning on moving up to a daily word count. Hopefully, by next November, I’ll be ready!

    Use the daily writing prompt on wordpress, or on blogher (I had a very hard time finding the blogher december 2013 writing prompts. I had to google that phrase just to find it, because I couldn’t easily find any link on that site that led to it.

    Write about the types of things you like to read about. I like to read about a wide variety of things, like when women post about the funny/irritating things their husbands or kids do, and how they deal with it. When they post about the funny/irritating things THEY do, and how their families and/or friends deal with it.

    Happy blogging! 😀

  3. Christine, the very nature of those of us that are intense is that we want every thing we do to be “just right”. Challenge yourself to let it be “just” for awhile until you get the flow of what you want, and don’t worry about the rest of us. Post when you can or want to. As Queen of All Things, I give you permission. *grin*.

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