I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately (see my previous post – Releasing 2013), and have come to the conclusion that I want to spend 2014 living gently.

What does that mean for an intense person? For me, it means leaving the planet better than I found it – starting on a personal level with me. It means making a conscious decision every day to live in a way that enhances me, humanity, the planet. I want to train my heart and mind to be more in the “flow” of life; to stop attaching to things that block my flow. To live with passion and conviction, but to do so gently.

So, every day, as I wake and start my morning routine, I write my morning pages from a place of contemplation. Every moment, as I walk through my life, I remind myself to live gently – to add meaning to the world in some way; through a smile, a tender word, or simply by refusing to contribute to the negative that often surrounds us. Every afternoon I exercise to release the “whatevers” of the day and I meditate to re-center myself and transition from the day job to my home life. And every night, I end with a longer, deeper contemplation.

I don’t yet know if this will help me achieve the peace that living gently implies, but I do know it can’t hurt!

What is your focus for 2014? Have you given it much thought yet?


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