I am so excited for the future of the blog. After stewing on it for months, I have finally decided what I want to do. So, in May I will be relaunching the blog and bringing NEW content, and more. I will do as I mentioned previous, and repost some of my favorite posts. And the relaunch won’t be 100% ready in may, but it’ll be enough to start.

Basically, I want to bring consistent and regular content to you, my readers, that covers the things I care so much about:

  • Giftedness – in children and adults
  • Parent coaching
  • Living authentically
  • Living healthy
  • Inspiration
  • Awesome books
  • and more…

So, as I strive get this going be prepared for a little oddness, and yea…a MESS.


Thanks for sticking with me and see you in the near future!


4 thoughts on “Finally! Focus!

      1. Yes and yes!

        I’ve been blogging for 8 years, because I find it just fits the way I think. The idea of having a focus is desperately appealing (“there’s no better way to grow an audience” after all), but making choosing the “yes” will mean a great big collection of “NO.”

        So, while I have somewhat narrowed things down over time, I’m still nothing like absolutely focused. I’m not really “okay” with it, but it’s what I have for now. And I guess that’s me saying I get where you’re coming from, and enjoy watching your journey/process.

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