Hi everyone! The behind the scenes work on the new blog focus and look is coming along….slowly. As I am finishing up the book in preparation for it’s release later this month, my presence on the blogesphere will be somewhat scarce. I have to finish things up around here, as well as major edits that demand my attention and a quick trip out of town before Spring Break ends.

So yes, It’s busy as always around here!

Before I disappear for a while, I wanted to leave you with a couple of things:

1) I just signed the contract for my SIXTH nonfiction book, SUCCESS HABITS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY, due out in 2016.

2) For those of you sick of the winter and wondering when summer will ever arrive – check out this pic shot yesterday as I took a little detour from my Dr.’s appointment:

3) I finally formalized my life and parent coaching business and am beginning to take new clients. I’ll be posting information on my website and here soon.
See you all in a few days/weeks…



One thought on “Weekly Update

  1. I just shared your book, Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students, with my son’s school counselor. He’s gotten into a magnet school for high achievers (thank you to them for not calling it ‘gifted’ b/c many there are not) but the counselor has the same training as counselors at the rest of the elementary schools. Meaning, no special knowledge of gifted kids.

    I went to her to discuss my son’s perfectionism and how it is hurting our family- his school is much more competitive but he still MUST get the extra credit for the full 103% or the sky will fall. Unfortunately your book was more helpful than she was able to be. BUT, she’s interested in learning more, so hopefully she’ll read your book and others too.

    So, hurry back because I still need guidance. I don’t think anything I say will convince my son that the sky won’t fall.

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