The summer is coming to an end in the Fonseca household as we all make our way back to work/school in the upcoming week(s), and as much as I will strive to live with summer in my heart all year, I have to say, there is something I really enjoy about the routine of the work year. It is easier for me to adapt new habits, focus on some specific goals, and improve my lifestyle – which is absolutely what my focus is about over the next couple of months.

In truth, I have been ignoring my healthy lifestyle and allowing my once-good-habits to fall by the wayside as I finished up books and lived life to the fullest. While I LOVE what I have done over the past several months, it is time to weave back in the healthy habits piece.

So last night I meditated and set my intention and this morning I enjoyed an amazing smoothie to start my day. It’s exciting taking on this new challenge and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

What new things are you trying this fall?


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