Well, it has been TOO LONG since I have been here. Actually, I have a load of things in the works for this site. I want to get back to my roots of writing about the needs of the gifted. Lots of reasons for this, which I will fill you in on over the next few weeks.

For now – this is what I’ve been doing in November:

Yep, I was writing. I wanted to finish TWO novels this month. I was on track for the first week. But the day job is so insanely busy, it is just not possible for me to get this done! SO….Here I am, very thankful to have made it past the 60K mark and completing NaNo.

Next up – getting back to life with everything else.

Hope you are all fab and I will be back. I miss you guys!


One thought on “No, I didn’t abandon the site…

  1. Miss you too! Congrats on passing the finish line! If you still have writing to work on, come by the write-in this Saturday. Info is on the calendar in the Riverside county forum. It’s at Ryan Bros. Coffee.

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