I am in the middle of a book event in Burbank, CA – a two-day series of workshops for parents and kids about the emotional aspects of giftedness. On each night, I start with a workshop with the kids. Last night, I met with about 20 gifted children in grades 6-8.


Let me say that again – WOW! These children were fabulous. Not only did they fully participate, but their insight reminded me, yet again, how amazing our gifted youth are. Together, we discussed topics that included:

  • The meaning of giftedness
  • The social-emotional development of gifted children, and
  • The pressure of expectations

Throughout each discussion, the children offered insights that were poignant and profound. We ended with a Q&A session and while they did not have a lot of questions, I think one girl definitely summed up the workshop:

“I love that we are talking about all of this, and I think that it is important, but why don’t schools understand our need for this and do more to include this kind of discussion in the classroom?”

Why, indeed.

The message of the night for the students was simple – embrace your gifts, embrace your intensities and find ways to pursue your passions. Imagine what would happen if every gifted child – every child – got this same message…

Tonight I am meeting with Elementary school children for another workshop. I can’t wait!!

If you want me at your event, just shoot me a message and I am sure we can work something out.


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