As I’ve mentioned previously, I changed jobs almost 2 months ago. This change has done more than enable me to pursue my passions in new ways, it has freed up my creative self. As a result, I have been working on several very neglected areas in my life ranging from my physical health, to goal-setting habits, to my writer’s life. It’s an exciting and productive time. I am so thankful for the sudden infusion of creative energy and commitment.

One of the by-products of my rekindled passion for writing and my coaching work has been opening my online store. This is something I’ve thought about doing for many years – ever since I started using a Square reader I guess. Well, I finally did it.

Currently my store includes signed copies of my nonfiction work, available at the special pricing I reserve for my speaking events. I am not certain how long I will be offering these prices, so if you think you might like a signed copy of my books I’d order them soon.

In addition to the online store, I am working on a new logo and new website/blog designs – all things that will be coming soon. Also, I will be putting out information on my coaching business as well.

Thank you for coming with me on this ride. It is exciting, overwhelming, and fun!

What things are you working on?


One thought on “It’s a New Day…

  1. I found your book. Well, no…your book found me. I’ve always battled with my emotions & have never found any solace for my “crazy.” I’m not a parent – but rather the introverted, explosive child instead, all grown up now. I never quite fit into the puzzle of bipolar, adhd, ocd, or whatever else. My panic attacks are …not panic attacks. I never knew what was going on. Thank you for solving the mystery. Sadly, my adult life is a pitiful disaster – because of my snapping points, etc. & honestly, I’ve been pushing people away because I know I can be such a pain to deal with. I’ve left university because I don’t know how to dumb down painting. I taught myself all of those things when I was a child. Drama happened. I was wasting money. So- now that I know “what’s wrong with me,” I feel so much better knowing I was right all along. I’m extremely INFP with eidetic memory & I’ve got a feeling my intillect is a lot more powerful than I’m even aware of. I’m extremely empathetic & I can read other’s emotions a little too well. I get…extremely frustrated. There are so many other things, little odd ticks, that I’ve never been able to figure out – & now they all make sense. I still don’t know where I have to go, but at least now I know why and where I’ve been! Feel free to snoop around my blog. & maybe pass it along to anyone who might be able to help me. (I couldn’t find your inbox on this thing)

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