The beginning of the year is always an opportunity for me to start anew; a chance to redirect the current of my life. 2018 is that for me…in spades! 

As 2017 began to wind down, I had already taken a lot of steps to begin to cultivate a life that enables me to more frequently function from what Dr. Gay Hendricks calls my “zone of genius.” I was coming to grip with my mindset barriers. I’d read several fantastic books, including The Big Leap and Soul-Centeredand felt like I was doing the work.

As 2018 started, the feeling has continued. I’ve been able to better divide my time between my day job (which I enjoy) and the work I want to do for myself. I committed to writing, started to design more courses, developed some fiction ideas and worked on rebranding and returning to blogging. It’s been an exciting ride already, and we are only 12 days into the new year.

A few days ago I hit a stumbling block – a project I was working on was getting limited interest or commitment from those who were participating in it. I felt myself get frustrated and angry. My mind lashed out. I wanted to say “forget it” to the project and any other projects like it; I knew that wasn’t what I really wanted to do – it was just an old habit coming to roost.

Fortunately, I have been working on my mindfulness practice, deliberately cultivating my present-moment awareness. After the initial frustration wafted past, I took a breath. And another. I cleared my mind of everything and concentrated only on what I wanted to feel with the project. Within moments, solutions danced in front of me – ways to encourage the others involved to tap back in and commit. The end result will be incredible!

The moral of the story for me: Remember to breathe. Always. And when in doubt, center your mental chatter, get still and lean in. The answers will come. They always do. We just don’t always listen.

What type of practices/habits are you cultivating to help you with life goes a little askew? After all, one thing we can all be sure of is that these times WILL happen. 

Will you be ready?


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