A couple of weeks ago, a friend Asia Dawn blogged about using a letter-writing technique to “feel” what it would be like to have already achieved your goals. This is a standard technique used in visioning and setting intentions. The way Asia talked about it, the letter she wrote to herself, was inspirational. I immediately decided to try the same thing.

I sat down, opened my journal and dated the page a year in the future. After clearing my thoughts, I started to write, reflecting on the past year (2018) as though every goal, every wish and desire, had already occurred. I wrote and I wrote, and with each word, I felt myself take on the exhilaration of having met my goals.

It was such an incredible experience – I was able to fully embrace the feeling of each goal fulfilled. I felt a surge of positive motivation to act. My mind shifted and each cell responded, knowing that I had achieved these goals already, so there was no need to panic or worry or believe that I couldn’t do it.

The feeling reminded me of a scene in Harry Potter, where Harry goes back in time and realizes the patronus he thought his dad had cast, he actually did. He was no longer hesitate or afraid, because he realized the power to cast the charm was already his.

Since writing my letter, I have thought about the feeling each day. Whenever I feel seeds of doubt rise, I return to the words of my future self and remember this isn’t about “if” I achieve the things I’ve envisioned. It is about when.

Have you tried this technique? What did you think?


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