Embrace your Sensitive heart

The gifted heart pleads the words of Jewel, with every beat; "Please be gentle with me, I'm sensitive, and I'd like to stay that way."Sensitive has been a word used negatively with me.  When I have expressed my feelings most people would tell me, "Oh, you're being too sensitive." Or "Don't be so sensitive."   I've … Continue reading Embrace your Sensitive heart

New beginnings…Believe…Kindness…Connection…LOVE

Can I tell you a secret?  I don’t like setting goals.  I usually get so distracted by other things, I get overwhelmed and well just give up.  I stopped setting goals and instead started focusing on a theme or word for the year.  This year Believe kept coming to mind over and over again so … Continue reading New beginnings…Believe…Kindness…Connection…LOVE


First off, I forgot to write and post this blog yesterday, ooops! I am grateful I remembered.   Since gratitude is the topic this month, I would like to talk about gratitude journaling.  I have been journaling in this manner off and on over the years, if I’m honest mostly off.  I was getting caught up … Continue reading Gratitude

Please be responsible for the energy you bring into our space.

                                                                        Having lived with emotional intensity all of my life you would think that writing a blog post on this topic would be easy, but it’s not.  You would think I would be an expert, but I’m not.  I am still reeling from a conversation that happened this morning.  I keep replaying the words … Continue reading Please be responsible for the energy you bring into our space.