Intensity: The Dirty Little Secret of Giftedness

(Note: I wrote this a couple months ago and scheduled it for a time when I knew I would be overwhelmed and not have time to write. Points for planning ahead. However, since I first wrote it, I've been hit with the intensity stick repeatedly, and am taking an indefinite hiatus from Laughing at Chaos and … Continue reading Intensity: The Dirty Little Secret of Giftedness

Oh, those intensities 

"Ok, you finish up here in the kitchen, I'm hitting the couch with my wine and iPad to write. I have a blog post due in the morning." "What's the topic?" A wince, a sigh, a muttered curse. "Intensity." And the laughter rang out from the sink behind me.  It's a good thing I love … Continue reading Oh, those intensities 


For such a tiny word, it sure packs a wallop. Half a gazillion years ago I had a dear flute student. For her Sweet 16, her mom put together a scrapbook of sorts, full of pictures and memorabilia and letters of advice from favorite teachers. She asked me to contribute a letter, and I was … Continue reading If