School for the Gifted: Looking for Extra Challenge

Parents of gifted kids often struggle with how to make school work for their kids. This is doubly so for parents of twice-exceptional kids or kids who are highly or profoundly gifted. Support groups for parents of challenging gifted children are full of stories of changing schools to improve things for students after advocacy efforts have … Continue reading School for the Gifted: Looking for Extra Challenge

Do You Rest?

Many exceptionally gifted children have trouble sleeping at night because their minds do not shut off enough for sleep to come. D.V. Lovecky, "Hidden gifted learner: The exceptionally gifted child" Parents of gifted kids often realize in retrospect that the sleep challenges their kids faced as infants and toddlers were the earliest signs of their … Continue reading Do You Rest?

That One Time at Band Camp….

For some people, thinking about summer fun triggers images of sitting quietly, absorbing warmth, watching the world go by, resting, and contemplating. For others, splashing by the water's edge, swimming, and skipping stones. For me, summer is a chance to go outside and explore the world. Swimming and barbecues are secondary pleasures. Many of my … Continue reading That One Time at Band Camp….

Grappling With Gratitude

I have always has trouble with gratitude as an abstract concept, and with gratitude journals as a practice. My intellectual overexcitabilities often manifest as a need for tight linguistic precision. The word gratitude means a feeling of being grateful. Being grateful means an appreciation of a kindness or a benefit received. Receipt of a kindness … Continue reading Grappling With Gratitude