Soar With Your Strengths

I have a confession to make - I don't love some of the ideas floating around in the mental health/coaching fields. I struggle with the idea that when I am plagued with anxiety, or anger, or depression it means I have something "wrong" with me that requires "fixing." This mindset just really rubs me wrong! … Continue reading Soar With Your Strengths

Oh, those intensities 

"Ok, you finish up here in the kitchen, I'm hitting the couch with my wine and iPad to write. I have a blog post due in the morning." "What's the topic?" A wince, a sigh, a muttered curse. "Intensity." And the laughter rang out from the sink behind me.  It's a good thing I love … Continue reading Oh, those intensities 

Lots of covers, lots of excitement…

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday. I, for one, can't wait the week to be over. My oldest is home from college in three short days and I couldn't be more excited. But that isn't what this blog post is about. It's about my shiny new cover. Elana Johnson is helping me out with a cover reveal … Continue reading Lots of covers, lots of excitement…

Finding Joy: 5 Tips to Releasing Your Inner Joy

Hey all! So nice to be back after the great long break. This month I thought I'd tackle the topic of joy and love. To start, I wanted to talk a little about being happy. Have you seen the December Weight Watchers commercial featuring the cutest little girl ever! This kid absolutely understands joy: There … Continue reading Finding Joy: 5 Tips to Releasing Your Inner Joy

An Article in Justine Magazine…and some other stuff.

I am so excited to tell you about a new article I've written for Justine Magazine, an amazing magazine for Teen girls. The article is about toxic relationships. Check out a little preview here: The article focuses on the typical toxic friendships that teen girls wind up in, as well as strategies for detangling yourself … Continue reading An Article in Justine Magazine…and some other stuff.

The Many Forms of Bullying

Yesterday we  focused on understanding the bully. Today, we are talking about the three types of bullying - Physical, verbal and relational. Physical Bullying, due to its visible nature, often attracts the most attention. It can include slapping, hitting, psychical violence and destruction of property belonging to the victim. It is most often perpetrated by male bullies, though … Continue reading The Many Forms of Bullying

Bully Prevention Month: What is a Bully

Since October is Bully Prevention Month, I thought I would dedicate the majority of the rest of the month to the topic, covering everything from bullying, to prevention. To start, it only seems fitting to define what a bully is and is not. Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. The National Association of School … Continue reading Bully Prevention Month: What is a Bully