No, You Don’t Need To Do “All The Things,”

I have a confession to make: I often fall into the trap of believing I have to do "all of the things." You know, the things that I'm good at doing, the things that will grow my business, the things related to marketing and creating. I want to connect with my readers and followers, rebuild … Continue reading No, You Don’t Need To Do “All The Things,”

It’s Break Time!

Hi everyone! As you likely could tell, I took my break a tad early this past week. Such is life when deadlines are approaching! I will be back on Sept 29 with a calendar of fun posts celebrating the release of Quiet Kids. Speaking of, I have a new cover that I wanted to share, … Continue reading It’s Break Time!

Emotional Intensity – It’s a New Day

Emotional Intensity is a daily experience.  Questioning my sanity and normalcy is a recurrent question.  There is the need to blend in.  Survival requires developing the ability to deliberately detach.  Yet the moments of ecstasy, even relative to little things is marvelous. I do treasure quiet times.  Walks in nature even urban trails is moderating … Continue reading Emotional Intensity – It’s a New Day