House Full O’Intensities

I have been noticing something lately. For pretty much every meal, I have been eating enough for one-and-a-half to two people. I need to feel full right away. If I only eat enough for one person, I won’t feel full right away and I panic. What if that is the last food I will ever … Continue reading House Full O’Intensities

Page-A-Day (#padc) – THE RESULTS!

A month ago, a fab teen writer and editor, Weronika Janczuk decided to put this whole "write every day" thing into perspective and challenged the blogosphere to just focus on writing ONE page a day. Easy, right? And just what I needed to get back on the "writing" horse. From 5/15 to 6/15, I focused on just … Continue reading Page-A-Day (#padc) – THE RESULTS!