College Degrees and more Degrees

A thirst for knowledge. A passion for learning. An obsession with exploration. A delight in discovery. A plan for the future. Gaining skills for a career. These are all part of going to college and earning degrees.  Many interests lead to pursuing many avenues in college, some leading to degrees, some just to learn.  Also … Continue reading College Degrees and more Degrees



Clutter accumulates in our space and in our mind.  The mind finds way to file things and close doors.  Other times the clutter of the mind leads to overwhelm.  Lots of decisions to make and responsibilities to manage contribute to clutter and overwhelm.  The amount of input we receive from our observation and connection abilities … Continue reading Decluttering

Adult Enrichment and Creativity

We focus tremendously and appropriately on providing enrichment and stimulating creativity in children. What about us as adults? Our soul, our intensity, our internal drive thirsts for creative expression and cultivation through enrichment.  This means times for play, pursuit of something new as a result of curiosity, delving into something that seems irrelevant because it … Continue reading Adult Enrichment and Creativity

Emotional Intensity – It’s a New Day

Emotional Intensity is a daily experience.  Questioning my sanity and normalcy is a recurrent question.  There is the need to blend in.  Survival requires developing the ability to deliberately detach.  Yet the moments of ecstasy, even relative to little things is marvelous. I do treasure quiet times.  Walks in nature even urban trails is moderating … Continue reading Emotional Intensity – It’s a New Day

Living Life Out Loud; Emotional Intensity and the Adult

So, it's confession time.  As you all know by now, I was a gifted child.  And I'm an emotionally intense adult.  So I thought I'd paint a picture of a typical emotionally intense day... The day started as any other day -  productive, satisfying, good.  I came home from work and decided to try to pound … Continue reading Living Life Out Loud; Emotional Intensity and the Adult