It’s been an amazing week! On July 1, 2019, my book The Caring Child officially released. I am so excited to get this book out to readers. It is all about nurturing empathy and emotional intelligence in children. Although not exclusively about gifted children, the recommendations and strategies would work well with our intense kids. The book includes my integrated model for empathy development, role plays for parents and educators illustrating how to use everyday conversations to help develop emotional intelligence, and many strategies for parents and educators. The Caring Child is available at your favorite book seller, including Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Walmart, , and Target.

With a new book release comes new podcasts and articles. Last week I recorded a couple of podcasts, and this week I will be recording a few more. My latest interview for Mind Matters, one of my favorite podcasts, releases this week. While I anxiously wait for the release, I wanted to share my interview from June 2018, Episode 12: All the Feels. In this podcast, I talk about emotional intensity and the needs of gifted kids. Give it a listen –

MIND MATTERS – Episode 12: All The Feels

I hope you enjoyed the podcast and I can’t wait to share the next one with you!

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