Before I bring you more of TTT and their questions of authors, I just HAD to tell you about a new blog I am co-authoring   with Bonny Anderson , Michelle Ehrich and Jana Warnell called Searching For A Good Read? It is the brain child of Bonny Anderson and will feature reviews of fab MG and YA books. SO EXCITED!!!

Hop on over and see the reviews we have posted so far. If there are any must read titles for us, be sure to let me know.

Go BOOKS! And here is a bonus…go follow that blog and leave me a comment HERE that you have. For each one, I will DONATE a BOOK to my local library. Gotta spread the book-love – right?

Okay – now fo the TTT.

I thought it would be kinda fun to see what THEY would ask YOU…YA writers/authors… the were in a room with you (like at your future book signings, for example)

So, here you have it…


  • What inspires you as a writer?
  • When did you decide to write, and why?
  • Do you take formal classes or something to learn to write well? (Did I mention they are a bunch of the coolest geeks…but geeks nonetheless)
  • Where do you get your story ideas?
  • What’s the worst part of the job?
  • How do you come up with all the hot guys for your stories? (the girls in the TTT giggled while asking this one)
  • What advice do you have for a brand new writer?
  • How do you make the stories honest (authentic)? And how to you “keep it real” for teens, when you are older (to me they said “a lot older” – but hey … many of you aren’t nearly as old as I)

Pretty cool questions, right. And who knows…maybe they will be at one of YOUR signings and ask you these very questions!

Now – go follow the other blog and leave me a comment so I can be like Lisa and Laura Roecker and the other library peeps giving cool stuff to libraries this week.

13 thoughts on “Readers Ask Questions of Authors…

  1. That is so great, Christine! I would love to follow your newest blog, but the link isn’t working. 😦 It’s telling me it’s “not found. error 404”.

  2. Very cool post – thanks for sharing the questions that inquiring readers want to know about their favorite authors. Great ideas for future questions that I might pose. 🙂

    BTW – I just started following Searching For A Good Read and I’ll retweet it to my followers. 😉

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