Yesterday was a long day at work. Okay, it was a normal day. But it felt long.

Until I got one of THE emails I had been waiting for.

My edits on my first NF book.

The book sold last year (Nov) to Prufrock Press for a 2011 pub date. It was so far away that while it was exciting, it didn’t feel real.

I turned in the manuscript in Feb and learned the date would move up to Fall 2010. That was super exciting, but it still didn’t feel real.

I kept thinking it wouldn’t feel like it was happening until I have a cover, etc.

But yesterday, reading the editorial letter and reviewing the changes and I knew…..


Oh! And I have a new title:

Emotional Intensity in Gifted Children: Learning to Cope With Your Gifted Child’s Outbursts

And, in a few SHORT MONTHS….

I will REALLY hold it in my hands!

Does it feel real for you yet?

12 thoughts on “When it starts to feel real…

  1. That’s awesome! Fall will be here before we know it, I still can’t believe it’s JUNE already! Didn’t the snow just melt like 2 days ago?

    Congrats on the book and edits. Any surprises in the edits they’re asking for?

    1. actually – the edits were great! Nothing too surprising…but I have lots of words to add.

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