Is Your Preschooler Gifted?

As an author, coach and consult in the field of giftedness, I receive many emails. Some are questions, some are speaking or consulting/coaching requests and some are specific to my books. One of the most common questions I receive is "How can I tell if my very young child is gifted?" First, it is essential … Continue reading Is Your Preschooler Gifted?


5 Goal-Setting Tips for Gifted Children

January brings a slew of goal setting articles, behaviors and strategies. For me, I few January as a chance to start anew. I review my mission statement and change or update it as needed. I map out a strategic plan for the year. And yes, I set some goals (a habit I try to continue … Continue reading 5 Goal-Setting Tips for Gifted Children

The Social Scene at School: 5 Tips to Help Your Gifted Children

Back to school means a lot of things to a lot of people. For some of our gifted kiddos, it means back to the social grind. Many of our gifted children struggle when it comes to making friends. The five tips below can help your gifted children feel more comfortable in the social aspects of … Continue reading The Social Scene at School: 5 Tips to Help Your Gifted Children

Celebrations are in Order

Happy Friday! I couldn't let this week pass without officially letting you know that two of my books have won 2015 Legacy awards - I'm Not Just Gifted and Parenting the Shy Child. According to their website, "The TAGT Legacy Book® Awards honor outstanding books published in the United States that have long-term potential for … Continue reading Celebrations are in Order

Lots of covers, lots of excitement…

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday. I, for one, can't wait the week to be over. My oldest is home from college in three short days and I couldn't be more excited. But that isn't what this blog post is about. It's about my shiny new cover. Elana Johnson is helping me out with a cover reveal … Continue reading Lots of covers, lots of excitement…

Confessions of a Teenage Beauty Queen

I was hanging out on FB yesterday and stumbled across a great article from a father to his young daughter. In it, he redefines our cultural ideas of beauty. If you haven't read it - CLICK HERE and read it. That post was so touching to me. Sure, it had a great message - one … Continue reading Confessions of a Teenage Beauty Queen

Supporting Your Child’s Passions

How many of you take the time to nurture your passions? Do you spend time on them? Use your passions to help direct your life goals? Anything?How about the passions your children have? Do you help them nurture their passions? Do you actively encourage your children to explore the things they are most passionate about?If … Continue reading Supporting Your Child’s Passions

More Than Shy: A Request for Help

As many of you know, I announced the sale of my next nonfiction book, MORE THAN SHY: A Parent's Guide to Social Anxiety, to Prufrock Press. The book will be released in early 2015, which of course means that I am knee-deep in the research phase now. This book covers social anxiety from the perspective … Continue reading More Than Shy: A Request for Help